1. SPX 2014

    Well, SPX was last weekend and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. It was my first time tabling at SPX and it was amazing! I talked to so many friends from tumblr and twitter it’s hard to remember everyone I met.It was really cool to talk about comics and art all day. A lot of  really cool cartoonist stopped by my table and gave me copies of their minis, I’m enjoying reading them all on my lunch breaks. I got a great little haul of mini comics, books, and some screen prints. It’s been really great reading them all.

    I was happy with how my dead bird bags sold inspired by being handed a box of dead birds at work (don’t ask). Copies of Churchill were being sold left and right along with the rest of comics. SPX has to have some of the kindest people from the comics world.

    Along with going to SPX I spent a few days in D.C. and went to the Smithsonian and did a lot of walking. It was all so much fun and time to get back to making comics. I’m really working hard on my next graphic novel but I should have a mini up real soon. But you can always enjoy the classics on ClaireConnellyComics.com.

    Also if anyone has a picture of me behind my table and could send it to me that would be awesome. I’m horrible about taking pictures…so yeah.


  2. spx:

    Claire Connelly owning it at her first SPX! I’m no expert but in my amateur opinion she’s kind of a badass. Thank you Tumblr for introducing us to her work! http://ift.tt/1msqoBp

    Guys! I was tabling at SPX this year and it’s the best convention ever! mdt and smmarx are really kind and awesome. I can’t wait for next year.

    I keep meaning to write up a post about it…but my job is making me work off all those days I took off.


  3. Anonymous said: I picked up a lot of your comics at SPX, you do really far away shots with tiny little figures. How/why do you do this? It's creates a sense of isolation but how did you come up with the idea. I don't see alot of comic artists doing this.

    I got the idea in one of my art history classes…I thought the Greek pottery with the black figures looked really cool and graphic…like a comic plus most of the pottery are just illustrations of myths. So I worked in into my comics and illustrations…So I kind of stole it from the Greeks…Sssshhh don’t tell anyone.


  4. Got my KS rewards from @_chris_judge. One of my favorite comic artists out there. #illustration #art #comics


  5. plasticfarm:


    We’re celebrating spx with this incredible bundle!

    82 comics by some of the best independent creators for just $10.

    Featuring charlesforsman, noahvansciver, thinkillustration, sobuttons, andreatsurumi, and more!

    Plastic Farm is in this too. This is cool as hell!

    If you don’t buy this bundle…you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

  6. Mini comics waiting to find homes at SPX this weekend. Table K1A #illustration #art #draw #comics #spx


  7. All my books I’ll have at SPX table K1A #illustration #art #comics #spx


  8. I’ll be at SPX 2014 table K1A!

    I’ll have comics, mini comics, graphic novels, and some tote bags! I’ll be there with my good pal Ginette Montoya (gin-draws) who will be helping me sell my books and hopefully she’ll bring a few of her own.

    Look out for my sign of the giant orange astronaut! Feel free to stop by, say hi, and trade some comics.


  9. Making a lot of paintings while I work on the layouts for my next graphic novel. I just finished a cool Batman painting.

    I’m also in the process of printing all the mini comics I’ll be selling at SPX along with designing a tote bag.


  10. Anonymous said: how to get happy life

    is this a question or a statement?


  11. endofthe-line said: Love your art! Do you have any star wars art?

    Thanks! Yup I got Star Wars.



    It’s amazing how one artist has basically created the whole visual language of comics and inspired every generation of comic creators since the 60’s. It’s crazy to think he made comics for decades and kept growing as an artist/creator. Kirby’s vision has gone to influence basically everything in pop culture, and people need to remember the man that started it all! Marvel would not be the powerhouse it is today without the KING.

    Above are all my drawings of my favorite Kirby characters and a small portrait of Kirby I drew for a school project.


  13. egadcomics:

    I am happy to present my first comic THERE.

    This is a comic about exploring space and excuses.

    The art is by the amazing Claire Connelly. You can see more of her work at http://claireconnellycomics.com/ and I seriously encourage you to do so. She has bags of talent.

    I hope you enjoy the comic and if you can I’d appreciate help spreading the word.

    A comic I drew for my pal Hansel! I can’t say no to drawing Sci-fi!


  14. THE NEW GODS created by Jack Kirby

    I made this to be auctioned off in a month or two for charity. I’ll release the info as soon as possible.


  15. It’s been a big 2 weeks for me and my comics!

    First off Pigs written by Eric Grissom (@grissom) and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: a Documentary written by Erica Schultz are now on ComiXology!

    Then Todd Vigilante written by Patrick Barb is now up on his website. It’s a story with a lot of heart and you should really give it a read.

    Then finally my own mini comic It’s all Relative. I’m currently thinking about expanding the story and turning it into a longer work. I just like this little guy to much.

    Don’t forget I’ll be at SPX this year!

    So check it out and give the comics a read. Thanks everyone for the positive comments and reviews.