1. Some pages from an Untitled comic I’m working on between all the other comics I’m making. This comic is going to be about 24 pgs full color.

    It’s inspired by Dune, Moebius, and Turnips.

    I’m happy to say Eric Grissom ( grissom) and I are working on another story for Animals. You can get the first one off ComiXology. 


  2. egadcomics:


    So I’ve been slowly working on a few projects but the first one out of the gate, as it were, is THERE by Claire Connelly and yours truly.

    You can see most of Claire’s lovely work at:

    It is sparse, unforgiving and beautiful art work. Claire was generous…


  3. Asbury Park Comic Con is this weekend and I’ll be at table B-203 in the indie room!

    I’ll have mini comics, original art, copies of Down with the Ship and HERE, and some screenprints!


  4. thinkillustration:


    I may print some copies for MoCCA Fest this weekend if I have time. I’ll be at table C9.

    This weekend I’ll be at Asbury Park Comic Con at table b-203 in the indie room. So stop by and say Hi


  5. Getting some drawing done before I have to go to work #illustration #art #draw #comics


  6. MoCCA is the weekend and I’ll be at table C9 with Ginette Montoya, Paige Connelly, and Hannah Scherba.

    Our Table is called Apartment 3A. After our apartment we had senior year of college.

    I’ll have mini comics and a limited amount copies of HERE and Down with the Ship. So stop by and say HI.


  7. Oculus

    I may print some copies for MoCCA Fest this weekend if I have time. I’ll be at table C9.


  8. thinkillustration:

    I’ll be posting this comic tomorrow here and my my website.

    Don’t forget to look out for my new comic tomorrow!


  9. summerotaku asked: Coolest thing or reward you've gotten from a kick starter you contributed too?


    I’m looking forward to the original page of art I’ll be getting from thinkillustration's recently successful Kickstarter!

    Thanks Joey! I’m so lucky to know so many great people.

    If you haven’t read Footprints by Joey then your wrong…because it’s an amazing book!


  10. The last issue of BLACK EYES is up on my site. You also read the other two issues and there is still time in my Kickstarter if you would like to get my 2 books.


  11. Finished a new mini comic #art #draw #comics #illustration


  12. All the covers to my series BLACK EYES. I’m just about done with the last issue and should be posted on my site on Monday. But you can catch up reading the first 2 issues.

    Also there is one week left on my kickstarter for my 2 books. I will have a limited supply of the books at MoCCA Fest table C9 (Apartment 3A) and Asbury Park Comic Con.


  13. I made this new mini comic with Hansel Moreno. You can get a PDF download off Gumroad for 99 cents!.


  14. Iron Giant is probably one of the best and most underrated animated films! If you haven’t seen it you should go track and a copy down, it has definitely influenced the way I tell stories and the stories I like to tell. 

    Don’t forget 9 days left to pledge to my kickstarter for my books!



    1 book for $25 or both for $45! There will only be a limited amount of books on my online shop after the KS is over. So please consider getting you pledge in now.

    Thanks everyone for the support, encouragement, and generous pledges.