1. mr-mayor-eddie said: Hi, I was able to purchase a comic of your's, THERE, and I love the style of it so much. Is there special brushes you use in the comic? Do you use digital programs at times?

    I use cheap sable brushes, My favorite are Blick’s Studio Sable round #2. It’s important to find a brush you like. With me I’m not afraid to destroy and contort my brushes to get different types of lines. This is the reason why I don’t use pens. I use ink like paint to create depth and lighting.

    Just a sable and a bottle on ink of vellum bristol. I only use digital editing like for posting the pages online and for print. I just edit out some pencil lines and adjust the colors after scanning.

    My brushes before and after.


  2. My new mini comic To Become Day.

    I did a different version of this comic but ended up throwing it away and starting over. I wanted to push myself on the layouts and the first version was really lame.

    I’ve been working on a bunch of other comics, so my personal comics are getting done at a slower pace but still getting done.


  3. A page from my new mini comic “To Become Day”. I just have to finish the cover and I’ll post it tomorrow, here on the blog and on ClaireConnellyComics.com.


  4. thinkillustration:

    In case you missed it, I did this interviewer over at Comicsalliance.com


  5. tarabba:




    Another reminder that this kickstarter is going on! Everyone has blown me away with their awesomenesss!

    Thanks everyone who has been contributing, sharing, and liking! You’re all lovely! <3

    We’re less than 500 away from goal!! :faints:

    Soon, I’ll start losing followers for this, apologiesss! But yes, this again! We’re 24 days left!! The difference is getting smalllller! Keep sharing and being amazing you fine, lovely people.

    I backed Tara’s kickstarter and so should YOU! She’s a super cool lass and lady comic book maker. So please consider backing her project.


  6. grissom:

    "Pigs" the 2nd story in the Animals tetralogy is finally COMPLETE. Amazing work by artist Claire Connelly ( thinkillustration ).  Available soonish.

    Pigs is done! I can’t wait for everyone to read it!


  7. gin-draws:

    Once upon a time I lived with the awesome thinkillustration, and one day i demanded a portrait of myself.. she handed me this five minutes later.

    Add this to the list of reasons Claire is one of my favorite people.

    One time I went to school for art…and this is what we would do…then play Lego Batman on 360 and eat pizza. Then freak out over our senior thesis.

    Then gin-draws would redraw her entire thesis again.


  8. thinkillustration:

    I made this comic last night because I just needed to make something for myself and not worry about the outcome, just make it! 

    So I made a comic as fast as I could without care for craft and just smashed some watercolor on the paper.

    I’m really happy with this comic. 

    A comic for this rainy 4th of July


  9. jordanbraddock said: What are your rates/ method of commission?

    My Method is pretty simple. I do 2 different sizes 11X14 in and 9X12. I can do either just an ink drawing or a full watercolor painting. All the pricing is listed on my online shop. I generally do pop-culture characters or Sci-fi stuff.

    It takes about a week for me to complete the commission, sometimes sooner. But all my commissions and getting hard copies of my comics can be done through my shop.



  10. Guys this is me!



    A Painting I did the other day to take a break from always working on comics. I’m currently cooking up ideas for new stories, so I’m going to be doing some commissions and some other stuff.


  12. Anonymous said: I just stumbled across your work and I think you're so talented. Please keep making things!

    Thanks I’m gonna keep making things.


  13. My new comic THE HUNTER’S MOON. I read an article about how most planets are destroyed by their own moons and thought it would make an interesting comic.

    I also had a Professor in school who always talked about what if I made a comic with no characters…like a comic about 2 leaves or something. So I finally made the characterless comic.


  14. The cover to my new mini comic that I’ll be posting tomorrow.


  15. Working on my new mini comic “The Hunter’s Moon” #comics #art #draw #illustration