1. THE NEW GODS created by Jack Kirby

    I made this to be auctioned off in a month or two for charity. I’ll release the info as soon as possible.


  2. It’s been a big 2 weeks for me and my comics!

    First off Pigs written by Eric Grissom (@grissom) and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: a Documentary written by Erica Schultz are now on ComiXology!

    Then Todd Vigilante written by Patrick Barb is now up on his website. It’s a story with a lot of heart and you should really give it a read.

    Then finally my own mini comic It’s all Relative. I’m currently thinking about expanding the story and turning it into a longer work. I just like this little guy to much.

    Don’t forget I’ll be at SPX this year!

    So check it out and give the comics a read. Thanks everyone for the positive comments and reviews.


  3. grissom:

    PIGS the second Animals story from Claire Connelly [thinkillustration] and I is available now on comixology.



  4. It’s all Relative.

    I’ll have copies of this mini and all my other minis/graphic novel at SPX this September. I’m so excited to take some time off to hang with friends..and COMICS, COMICS, COMICS!

    Also I’m starting on my next graphic novel.


  5. I’m going to post my new mini comic “It’s all Relative” tomorrow. It’s a short experimental comic I made last weekend.

    I have one more short comic to draw then I’m starting work on my next graphic novel.


  6. grissom:

    PIGS made richbarrett's Most Interesting Comics of the Week!



  7. The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: a Documentary written by Erica Schultz (M3, Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne) and drawn by me is now on COMIXOLOGY! or you can get a printed copy from my webstore!


  8. I haven’t done a process post in a while…So I figure it’s about time.

    For anyone who follows me on twitter knows I talk about the Elder Scrolls games a lot but more importantly the game Elder Scrolls 3-MORROWIND.

    I spent a lot of time in middle school and early high school playing this game. It was full of plot, quests, customization, and philosophy. It was a shock to the senses! I’m sure by modern standards the game is unplayable and super difficult.

    Anyway, I always start off sitting at my desk, sketching, and doing research. I’ve been working on a longer comic project, so I was looking for something to keep me busy that wasn’t a comic…So a painting it is.

    I was watching/listening of a play through of Morrowind and I thought it would be cool to illustrate a video game that has really inspired me. I started sketching out my character I played with in middle school but I wanted to capture all the aspects of my character. Which made me think of adding the extra sets of arms.

    Then I moved onto my watercolor paper and penciled out the basic poses and did the research to find images of all the armor and weapons. In my first post I’ll listed all the artifacts and gear my Nerevarine is wearing.

    Once I locked down all the basic shapes I start inking. I use a #2 cheap sable brush and some FW ink. I work fast and try not to think too hard. Just keep working on getting everything outlined. I always start with inking the face…I figure if I mess up the face, I’m just going to have to start over anyway, so I might as well start there.

    Now that everything is all inked I always start painting the largest area first. 1. to make myself feel like the painting is almost done and

    2. because it the largest color/space and it’s going to affect all the other colors in the painting. (color theory 101).

    I always start painting with a plan…if not I get kind of the to many colors in the crayon box syndrome. Meaning I choose to many colors and the painting looks like crap. I always have a basic idea what color everything is going to be and what other tones I’ll be using for shadows.

    For me having a limited color palette keeps me from going crazy and getting the painting done faster.

    Then I just paint and paint and paint and paint! Then I wait for it to dry and add any extra highlights and shadows the painting needs.

    Then the task of scanning a page that’s 18x24 inches. I had to scan the thing in 6 different pieces the pasting it together in photoshop. After I get everything all lined up I color correct the painting by adjusting the hue/saturation and with the levels.


    This was a fun weekend project but now back to comics and work.


  9. "The Nerevarine" 18x24 inches. Ink and watercolor.

    I made a drawing of my character from Morrowind because it is one of my favorite games, Complete with all the items and armor I used in the game. If you played any elder scrolls games you know that there are thousands of options of stuff for your character to use. So I though it would be cool to illustrate what I used. Below a complete list of all the items. 

    Armor-Bonemold, Ordinator, Wraithguard, Fists of Randagulf and Dwemer boots of Flying.

    Weapons-Keening, Mehrunes Razor, Sunder, Bone-Biter Boe, Chitin arrows and Cleaver of St. Felms.

    Extras-Necklace-Teeth of the Urhilaku, Ring of the Moon and Star, Scroll of Divine Intervention, potion of health, and spell of healing.

    I’ll be posting a process post later in the week.


  10. grissom:

    Today sees the release of Animals Part Two : PIGS by the brilliant Claire Connelly [thinkillustration] and I.  It’s available for $2 on comixology and it’s a BIG issue.  We clock in at 37 pages.  

    Some reviews have already come in:  comicbastards gave it a 5/5 and called it “an incredible comic book" and called Claire Connelly a "fierce storyteller."

    Please consider supporting it.  We’re very proud of it.

    Pigs is now out on ComiXology and it’s already hitting the world with reviews of 5/5! Eric Grissom is becoming the writer to watch! Don’t forget to check out Pigs and the first issue Chickens over on ComiXology!

  11. Got my copies of NIAGRA written by @robharrington and drawn by me! It’s about Annie Edison Taylor the first person to successfully go over Niagra falls. #art #illustration #comic #comics


  12. mr-mayor-eddie said: Hi, I was able to purchase a comic of your's, THERE, and I love the style of it so much. Is there special brushes you use in the comic? Do you use digital programs at times?

    I use cheap sable brushes, My favorite are Blick’s Studio Sable round #2. It’s important to find a brush you like. With me I’m not afraid to destroy and contort my brushes to get different types of lines. This is the reason why I don’t use pens. I use ink like paint to create depth and lighting.

    Just a sable and a bottle on ink of vellum bristol. I only use digital editing like for posting the pages online and for print. I just edit out some pencil lines and adjust the colors after scanning.

    My brushes before and after.


  13. My new mini comic To Become Day.

    I did a different version of this comic but ended up throwing it away and starting over. I wanted to push myself on the layouts and the first version was really lame.

    I’ve been working on a bunch of other comics, so my personal comics are getting done at a slower pace but still getting done.


  14. A page from my new mini comic “To Become Day”. I just have to finish the cover and I’ll post it tomorrow, here on the blog and on ClaireConnellyComics.com.


  15. thinkillustration:

    In case you missed it, I did this interviewer over at Comicsalliance.com